Speaker Profile: Nuno Markl

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Nuno Markl is a Portuguese comedian, writer, radio host, television host, voice actor & screenwriter.

Markl is well known in Portugal for his radio series “O homem que mordeu o cão” (The man who bit the dog). It started in 1997, the radio series later spawned a TV show, and three books.

Since October 2008, Markl has worked for Antena 3, with his current shows being “São Coisas Que Acontecem”, “Laboratolarilolela” (a showcase of lesser known Pimba artists and songs), and “Nuno & Nando” (with Fernando Alvim), having a number of shows over the years. On Rádio Comercial he had a programme, Caderneta de Cromos. He has another show on Rádio Comercial, Grandiosa História Universal das Traquitanas, which discusses mankind’s inventions.

Markl has also made quite an impact in Portuguese telvision, acting in and writing a number of well known shows. 

Nuno regularly updates his weblog, A Cave do Markl, providing movie reviews, video blogs, and updates on his work. Other side projects include TV and print ads for Café Delta and performing voice acting duties for the Portuguese version of films:

  • “Spike” in Flushed Away;
  • “Raphael” in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles;
  • “Barry B. Benson” in Bee Movie

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