Speaking with advertisers

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In order to build a successful radio business, you need to know what your audience wants. But you also need to know what your advertisers want. 

How do you do that? Ask them, apparently. 

In Holland, the Radio Advertising Bureau asked the brand consultants, De Positioneerders to carry out research looking into what the biggest agencies and advertisers wanted. 

What does their brand sound like? How should they be positioned? When is the right time to promote the brand? 

The research took a long time and De Positioneerders spoke to a lot of different people. Everyone had their own views but one thing came out loud and clear.

Emotion, emotion, emotion. 

Mary Hoogerbrugge, from De Positioneerders, emphasised that brands are keen to move people emotionally with sound. 

Build a strong brand, with a strong sound and you shall have a happy advertiser!

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