State of the voice, pt.3: “Voice is culture”

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The debate was attended by Christelle Macé, managing director of Radio France, who introduced an innovative audio product to be utilized by children. “La récré á sons” is an app created 6 months ago that works closely with the sound spdesign department at radio france in order to create a voice that is more natural and less robotical than other virtual assistants in the market. 

The issue that arises with projects like these comes when Big tech companies become over involved and regulate the content produced.

Other attendees included Maarten Lenz-Fitzgerald, developer of project Zilver, which uses voice technology to promote technological literacy in the older generations, and the Dutch Voice Coalition. “It’s about taking power”, reinforced Maarten, “It’s not about the end result, it’s about what we can accomplish along the way.” Marit Rossness, Head of Product Development for Radio NRK guided the conversation and gave the audience some insight on what kind of “voice dreams” we can expect for the future.

Written by: Beatriz Valente and Gonçalo Martins


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