Patricia Sonius: “Don’t be afraid of AI as a futuristic robot, but embrace innovation”

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When discussing AI, most people think of flying cars and futuristic robots, but it can be used to simplify buying radio advertising. Patricia Sonius, manager Research and Development at STER, in the Netherlands, went on stage to demystify common misconceptions about AI and to teach the audience how to make the most out of it in the radio industry.

It’s important to understand the difference between traditional programming and machine learning. In traditional programming, you put in the data and the rules and it gives you answers. In machine learning, you put in the data and the answers. With the algorithm, it gives you rules.

Sonius believes that “we need to make it possible to give advice to brands” with the costumer portal. In 2020, the customer portal generated 5 times more campaign requests than in 2018, which is almost half of the total radio revenue. It was awarded with a bronze Dutch media award for innovation in 2021.

Some hot takeaways from the session are: expand your view and don’t get frustrated with the numbers. Look at the competitors and learn from them, but also keep to your values. “Don’t be afraid of AI as a futuristic robot, but embrace innovation and take your time to learn about it and develop your model”, advises Sonius. And, finally, keep it simple.


Written by Rita Silva



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