Student Press Team

Students press team

As students and former students of Journalism at ESCS, the ten members of this team represent a little bit of the ambitions and aspirations of a new generation of journalists in Portugal. Following the picture’s order: In the back row from the left to the right, Gonçalo Borbinha, Rita Silva, Francisco Sezinando, Artyom Laptev, Gonçalo Martins, Beatriz Valente and Michelle Coelho; in the front, Beatriz Figueira, Mariana Serrano and Andreia Simão.

Our goal when creating a press team, guided by the teacher Francisco Sena Santos, and teaming up with RDE has been to show Lisbon to all the newcomers. By interviewing several local businesses, bars, restaurants and even museums, our mission is to map out great places that represent our city. Some are historical, some are innovative, but all are available for visiting.

From now on, we’ll be covering the conference in Lisbon. Our plan is not only to write about the event, lectures and masterclass, but to also interview speakers and attendants.

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