Taking on tech giants

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In this session, Nelson Pimenta, Head of Grupo Renascença Multimedia of Portugal, gives us some local examples of platforms who have thrived in competition with the “usual suspects” of the tech industry: Nonio, a single sign up platform to collect third party data, which is being used currently by media outlets, radio, television, among others; and the app Popcasts, which will be ready to launch soon and where we will be able to find audio content created by the platform as well as outside creators. “To fight bigger power, we need to join with our competitors”, says Nelson Pimenta, “that’s our strategic approach to digital marketing”.

Another example of a company trying to fight Big tech is Radio France. Speaker Laurent Frisch, CDO of the company, tells us how restructuring the online presence of the radio can be a way out of this imbalance. So far, building their own platform by producing programmes and distributing them has seen a growth in the number of people tuning into radio france for the podcasts.

Written by: Beatriz Valente and Gonçalo Borbinha

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