Approaching news content like a soundtrack

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On the session “Innovation in the audio space”, Jarre showed how the craftsmanship of a musician and of a radio professional have similarities. In fact, he sees both as being linked together:  “I would say electronic and acoustic music has always been linked to public radio.”

Our prestigious guest pointed out something he feels is ironic: “When you’re talking to people in radio stations, they don’t talk about sound that much. The sound of a radio station is crucial.” It will influence, at the end of the day, the way that the content is perceived by the audience – like colors in a picture by a photographer. 

“A news channel is like a living channel. It’s always evolving”

Jarre explained that we should approach the news like a soundtrack, creating specific sequences in the sound world and “trying to create the right tension”, because immersion is connected to sounds.

It’s also important to understand how the audience is receiving radio stations in cars, particularly with the development of AI. The musician mentions that cards can now become “spaces where you can receive news and music from radio stations”, which is fundamental for radios in the future.

For Jarre, “a news channel is like a living channel. It’s always evolving”. The sound design and the music are constantly changing and they are different every year. 

Jarre also talked about other innovations in the audio space, such as merge channels and the binaural technique.


Written by Michelle Coelho, Ana Rita Silva and Beatriz Figueira.

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