The Talent Challenge – join the original research into Talent at Radiodays Europe Malmö

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The Talent Challenge at Radiodays Europe Malmö 2022 with Francis Currie


What are the professionals’ secrets of working with presenters to unlock their potential, optimise their performance and maximise their impact? How do you focus, motivate, and energise presenters to keep them at the very top of their game? How do you lead, managing and support the top presenter who’s paid more than you, has more influence than you, and is more important to the business than you?

In this session in Malmö, The Talent Challenge, we hear from three experts who have some of the answers:

Francis Currie; an international audio consultant, Francis Currie Consulting, who has been a certified coach for more than 20 years and has worked with some of the best presenter talent in Europe. He is also the man who hired Chris Evans for Virgin Radio UK from BBC Radio 2.

Paul Kaye; in addition to his job as Vice President Music brands & In House TV Productions at Rogers Sports & Media, Canada, Paul is a qualified coach, writer and expert in coaching people for peak performance.

Gry Forssell; at the height of her success as one of the most skilled and famous radio, podcast & TV presenters in Sweden, where she has hosted the Mix Megapol Morning Show for 18 years. She has had a lot of different managers in that time and has experienced at first-hand what works … and what doesn’t!

As part of this useful, practical session, they will also be revealing the results of an international research study, conducted by specialist audio research company, Currie Nordén, exploring where the opportunities are to unleash the presenters’ talent and level up their performance.

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