Talk matters in the UK


LBC was the first commercial radio station in the UK, but has only recently enjoyed real success. There are several reasons why LBC is now a serious contender to the BBC. First and foremost are the talented and opinionated presenters, among them some of Britain’s foremost politicians.


James Rea, Managing Director, LBC: “Former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg, London mayor Boris Johnson and UKIP leader Nigel Farage helped LBC become a household name in the political debate. It is not often you get people like that coming together for a common purpose.”


Unlike the BBC there is no need for balance in the studio. As Rea put it, “the callers are our hit records and they provide balance to the debate.”


“We can be quicker to the stories – we don’t have a poetry slot or anyone reading from a book. We can change and break at the drop of a hat.”


LBC breakfast presenter Nick Ferrari is pleased that he can speak his mind. “Radio is intimate and it’s so personal,” he says.


Ferrari has been a part of the LBC team for years and is very pleased with current listening figures and national reach. “We need to think quicker, better and show why a topic is important for everybody.”


Although arriving in radio late in his career, Ferrari will be an important part of LBC going forward.


“Outside of being a dad, working breakfast on the radio is the greatest job I have had.”


Thanks to Nick and James for this fascinating insight into LBC’s inspirational success story!


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