Together for PEACE! Invite to Enter ABU & UNESCO Radio Competition


Together for PEACE! 

This is a special invitation to encourage your network of radio stations in Europe to submit entries to the new competition ABU and UNESCO  launched early this year. It is open to non-ABU members and has a global reach.

Programmes broadcast between 5 August 2019 and 5 August 2021 on Radio or TV stations or online and smart devices  are eligible to enter the competition. There are no entry fees. The deadline for submission is 15 September so it is a bit urgent.

The Entry Form, Competition Rules and Topics Covered by the Awards can be accessed through clicking here! 

T4P is related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  It is about nurturing the citizens of the future, living in harmony with nature and  learning to live together in our super-diverse world. The Awards will honour innovative and creative Radio, TV and Digital Media content, which informs and educates audiences on best practices of building positive peace in three critical areas that have increasing urgency in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and “building back better” from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Below are the three sub-categories for each of the Radio, TV and Digital Content categories:

  *   Transformative Education

  *   Living in harmony with nature, including coping with climate change and biodiversity loss

  *   Living well with diversity, fostering human flourishing and intercultural understanding

Please forward this information to colleagues who may have material to submit in the Radio and Digital Content categories.  It is especially important to have youth issues in the competition!

Competition rules

Thank you for joining Together for PEACE!

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