Topics at the heart of radio


At the end of August the Radiodays Europe Programme Assembly took place. Every year the Assembly brings together radio people from all areas of the industry to talk about the hot topics in radio and some of the influencers in the radio and audio worlds who are at the heart of radio.

These discussions form the basis of the programme for Radiodays Europe and are always fun, lively, intense and a window on what to expect in 2019. 

This year there was continued discussion on Fake News and how this is impacting radio, radio journalism and how radio is trying to combat this very real threat of Fake News.

Voice controls and devices were also a major theme being considered in the Programme Assembly and the continued shift in consumer behaviour when it comes to new devices.

Radio in the car and it’s future along with radio advertising were brought to the table. How does the car industry consider radio and it’s future in the car? Will radio even be in the car in the future?

Radio advertising and measurement will also be on the programme at Radiodays as a huge area for the commercial broadcasters in the audience.

Following the continued success of Radiodays Europe Podcast Day, the Programme Assembly discussed who from the Podcast space should join the main Radiodays Europe conference in 2019.

Obviously different countries, companies, industry groups and individuals want to see the broadest spread of topics covering all areas of radio being discussed at Radiodays Europe and many more topics were suggested for 2019. It’s now the job of the Programme Committee of Radiodays Europe to move forward and create the programme and invite the speakers!

If you would like to have your say in this process the call for contributions is now open, you can make your suggestions by filling in the Programme Submission Form on the website. 

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