Twice the number of radio channels listened to in Norway during Covid


Co-operating with the listeners and working with them has been key during Covid. 

Cathinka Rondan, Head of Radio for NRK gives us an insight at our Xmas Lunch of the situation in Norway over this year. 

Radio listening has gone up in Norway, while Podcasting has positioned as an addition to radio not instead of radio. 

NRK is leaning forward and really working hard to be notice and chosen by their listeners. 

She focused 100% on the listener to become part of the daily routine of the listener during Covid, with shows from presenters who were also in quarantine. 

“A podcast became the friends that the listeners couldn’t meet”, Cathinka Rondan, NRK 

Audio is much closer to the listner than other media, the hosts play a key part of keeping close to the listener. 

Cathinka wants one Xmas present and that is to have confidence in the media world, that radio stands together…

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