We welcome Joanne Sweeney to Radiodays in Munich

Joanne Sweeney is CEO of Digital Training Institute, an Irish-based digital media consulting and training company.

A former broadcast journalist, Joanne now works with commercial radio stations and government and public sector agencies on digital marketing and social media strategy, commercialisation, and scaling online impact.

She has designed and delivered dozens of accredited radio-specific courses to hundreds of radio pros on how to leverage social media to win audience attention, loyalty and advocacy.

A three-time author on books about social media, Joanne is also the host of her award-winning podcast, the ‘Public Sector Marketing Show’.

She speaks on stages across the world and her clients include Google, Meta, Content Marketing Institute, the EU Mission in Ukraine, and commercial radio groups.

A practitioner in all things digital media, Joanne is now working on new programmes and industry best practice guides around AI and marketing.

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