We welcome Selina Gaiser to RDE24

Selina Gaiser is an editor, content creator and format developer from Germany. She started her career as a YouTube creator in 2015 with videos about festivals, music and mental health. Since 2018 she has been working in german public broadcasting. Among other things she works for funk, the online-content-network from ARD and ZDF. In 2019 she became the main editor for “coldmirror”, one of the earliest big YouTube creators in Germany. “Coldmirror” is best known for her satiric adaptation of “Harry Potter”. Her most successful format is the famous “5 Minuten Harry Podcast”. In 2021 Selina Gaiser developed a podcast für Kathrin Fricke aka coldmirror, which she also hosted with her. Selina Gaiser currently develops a YouTube channel about antiques and auctions for a German tv host.

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