We’re Not Sexy and we know it, but…


This talk was presented and hosted by the European Parliament. They discussed how the European union consists of 28 countries that have totally different political and social challenges, all of which need to be catered for.

The European Parliament can offer studios with human and technological support for radio stations around to world to use. For example if you need to interview a member of parliament. it’s better to record the interview in the EU parliament studios rather than doing a phone interview.

Everything that happens in the parliament is broadcasted live online. Similar to news agencies they offer short summary videos. Small media can access this content along with content from the EU parliament archives.

Daniel Cohn-Bendit, MEP for 20 years and now programme host for Europe 1, France/Germany spoke for the last 15 minutes. He opened the floor to questions and many took part discussing the various issues and the future of the European Union.


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