Podcast – disrupting audio on demand


Podcasts will be for radio like Netflix is for TV. You can listen to or download them whenever you feel like it. You are not bounded for the schedule of radio channels anymore. Sarah Van Mosel, COO of Acast, USA said that the majority of young people don’t even have a radio anymore. There has been a 25% increase of podcast listeners within only a year. That’s huge!


Podcasts let you create the image. The world is getting more and more hectic. What if one day we don’t even have a time to sit on a couch and watch television or Netflix? Fortunately you can always listen to podcasts – when you go jogging, do some cleaning or are on your way to work!


Podcasts are more intense than TV shows. When you look at a TV series you always see the image. That’s why dialogs on TV series don’t have to be as intense as dialogs in podcasts. Imagine a situation where a man and a woman are getting to know each others for the first time. It’s way more effective on podcast than on TV.


How do we know? Because we heard that kind of podcast today at Radiodays. And it’s awesome!


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