What did the NEXTGENERS think of Radiodays Europe?


This year we hosted four NEXTGENERS at Radiodays Europe, sponsored by DAVID Systems, Swedish Radio and Radiodays Europe. How was their experience of the conference in Amsterdam?

Chloe English, Roundhouse Radio, UK

“I arrived to RDE not having a clue what was in store. Still, with no expectations I can say that I’ve had my socks well and truly blown off. If there was any bit of me that didn’t quite know it before, Amsterdam has shown me that the radio is by far one of the greatest creative and innovative industries gracing planet earth. Wowza.

My naivity about the ins and outs of radio has finally been cured, so thanks an absolute million to everyone I met and heard from during my time in Amsterdam.

There has been so many talks that I have really enjoyed and come away from excited and full of new ideas. Nikhil from Mixcloud gave a great presentation on the History of the DJ. I had the chance to talk to Australia’s finest talent coach, Craig Bruce, at the DAVID System’s booth. He talked about some of the talent that’s emerging on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. It was interesting to hear how he sees sadio as a ‘long game’. Conversations like this are inspiring!

The party on Monday night was very Dutch and very fun – lots of semi-naked girls entertaining us all and of course great music. It was an ace surprise to get to see Mr Probz perform live too!

I’ve left the conference feeling even more excited to make more and better radio. I feel inspired to keep pushing audio and finding fresh ideas to get people more engaged with sound and to ignite people’s love for it.”

Slim Jones, East London Radio, UK

Being a Radiodays Europe NEXTGEN winner is an awesome, invaluable and eye-opening experience. While there I got to see the inner workings of the radio and online streaming industry through very informative seminars from many companies such as Mixcloud, Spotify and BBC.

While at RDE, I had the chance to meet and network with senior industry people including new media CEOs and build long-lasting relationships.

I met Nikki Shah, one of the co-founders of Mixcloud and he taught me how to engage with musicians over his platform. I also met Paul Robinson who taught me how to make the most out of a career in radio. Rosie Smith let me in on coveted radio industry information that I hadn’t been able to acquire for years. This is why this event is so great. It’s a complete immersive radio industry networking experience.

The NEXTGEN opportunity is one that cannot be missed: flights, hotel and food is paid for which is great and means that everyone can apply. The organisers are helpful and available whenever you need them which makes for an all round great experience. It’s a very cohesive and well-thought out event with day and evening events as well as ample break times. The hotel provided was close to the convention centre (where the event was held), shopping area and public transport. I would recommend that everyone who is eligible for the NextGen scheme applies. It’s not to be missed.

Suzan Alev Arslan, Swedish Radio, Sweden

“Radio got sexier after these two and a half days. I embraced ‘being bored’ with Manoush Zomorodi. She taught me the lost art of spacing out – to be bored and brilliant. I got a peptalk from Stephanie Hirst – if she can grow tits in public then I can do anything. In interviewed Mike Fitzpatrick from Triple M and he taught me to challenge my thinking. Chatting things through, he reminded me of how personal radio is and why I love radio.

Radiodays Europe has made me realise that there is a reason why radio is still alive and always will be. Audio is essential; it’s touching. And there or so many different ways of doing radio.

It has been a long ride with plenty of inspirational moments. I did not find everything meaningful and interesting, but I understood how meaningful radio is. I enjoyed being around RADIO-JUNKIES for a few days too. I’m gonna go back home and try. And try. And try. Radio – set – go!”

Joanna de Alencar Baban, M94.5, Germany

“Whether it’s meeting people from all over the radio world or watching radio icons talk about the future of the industry, Radiodays Europe is all about connecting. In the last couple of days I have shared my love for radio with some of the most impressive game changers in the radio world.

I listened to passionate (e.g. Scott Mills and Tony Blackburn), funny (e.g. Christian O’Connell) and incredibly moving talks (e.g. Stephanie Hirst). But most importantly, I was assured that radio continues to evolve and thrive and is most certainly not dead! Of course, the future will bring with it several challenges, be it moving on to digital radio or using constantly developing social media channels. But I am excited to be part of that journey.

Being part of the NEXTGEN programme allowed me to exchange ideas and explore Radiodays Europe with 3 young women, who love radio as much as I do. I cannot wait to practice what I have learnt. Radiodays should continue to enable that interaction and allow young radio innovators to be part of their own future. Thank you for letting me be inspired and maybe even inspire other people at this year’s Radiodays Europe!”

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