Radio Hack 2017 Winners Announced- Newscall


The winners of this year’s Radio Hack Europe are Newscall, the team included:

  • Andreas Reiser
  • Arsatius Regler
  • John-Louis Gao
  • Markus Heimbuchner
  • Minh Nguyen
  • Thomas Günzel

Project Description: An iOS-App that calls in customizable intervals to play news segments previously selected by you. This allows us to interrupt other playback on the device and resume it after ending the call, regardless of the App providing the original audio stream. This method provides a customizable, adaptable way for radio producers to reach listeners who usually wouldn’t otherwise listen to radio but for instance stream their music from Spotify or YouTube. If a user does not want to hear news at the moment, he can simply reject the call and wait for the next one.

Watch the Radiohack Europe round up video or take a look at the RHE blog which went out live!


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