What the Radiodays Europe Surveys said?


Amsterdam: What participants said

Comments and feedback from participants were very positive for RDE in Amsterdam. Almost three out of four participants ranked RDE “4 or 5” on a 1-5 scale in our participant survey. Many commented that it was one of the best ever, regarding content and the venue.

Which speakers do you think got the highest scores? Christian O´Connell, Absolute, UK, Manoush Zomorodi, WNYC Labs, USA and Sebastian Fitzek, Germany were among the highest rated speakers, but there were many, many sessions that scored very high. We would like to thank all speakers who took the time to join us at Radiodays Europe 2017 and made this one of the best conferences so far in our history of being the go to radio event.

“The detailed feedback we get in the survey is extremely important for our evaluation and what we need to improve the following year”, said Anders Held, the RDE Manager and Co-Founder.

91% want the Podacast Day to return next year!

The first ever RDE Podcast Day that was held in Copenhagen 15 June and was an immediate success. The participants rated the one-day event 4,3 on average, which is an absolute top score. 91% want to see the Podcast Day return next year!

Some comments on the Podcast Day:

“Honestly I can say that this was one of the most useful and informative conferences that I’ve been to in a long time. I really enjoyed it”

“The event was much more interesting than I had expected!”

“Great content most of the day! Smarter, more interesting and more mixed”

“I thought the conference was terrific and would happily come back”


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