“The World is Listening”


Here is the first teaser of the Radiodays Europe conference programme, as we are announcing the first 25 sessions for Vienna 2018.

Radio is still a trusted, broad, effective, mass medium reaching hundreds of millions of listeners in Europe, and many more around the globe. ‘The World is Listening’ – to radio and audio, in new ways, on new devices, to terrestrial radio but also to podcasting, via online music services and to new programme formats.

Radiodays Europe is a meeting point for the world of radio and everyone interested in radio’s future, at a time when “audio” is growing. Where global players like Apple, Amazon and Google are investing millions and millions in audio and investing in competing content, services and in new devices, smart speakers which are changing the way listners consume radio and audio – Will voices be the new remote, will voices instead of screens will be the future digital navigation? Talk about disruption!

At this Radiodays Europe in Vienna there will be a focus on the digital future, the challenges and solutions, but also about sharing experiences from the best of radio and audio today. Success stories, digital advances, journalism, new research and business models, from around the world of listening.

This year there will be three days of radio masterclasses, workshops, events and conference session with inspiration from some of the best award-winning producers, leaders in radio broadcasting sharing their visions of the future and ideas from players from outside the traditional radio industry.

The conference programme is created with the involvement of Radiodays Europe partner organisations, who kicked off the programming process with a brainstorming meeting – the Conference Assembly – in Vienna in September. An international Programme Committee of 10 has since then been working on the programme and finding speakers.

The first sessions are at this point announced in no particular order. The full conference programme will be ready end of January, with a total of 50+ sessions and over 120 speakers in 4 session tracks. On top of that Radiodays Europe offer you to join other activities, like networking speed-dating, in-depth masterclasses, the Radio Night Party and experience the leading European radio show of exhibiting radio businesses.

This is where innovation, new ideas and future strategies are shared and the world will be listening in Vienna!

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