30 ideas in 45 minutes


Manoush went first. She said ‘show the audience that you are there for them’ – choose one or two non-audio platforms where your listeners are comfortable and ask how you can help them. And when they tell you – use their guidance and incorporate it into your show. She asks listeners to record voicemails and then uses them in her show. She also suggests that we ‘use a less broadcast-y tone’ – we don’t need to be voice of god anymore. Talk directly to the listener and don’t give a sermon.

Matt followed next. He said that we should ‘find excuses to generate lean-forward listening’ – things like comedy on air, YouTube that pushes back to radio and ‘steal and build’: use something that’s being talked about and make it your own. He also suggested that we use our content as marketing – fast! He used LBC, and their social and TV adverts featuring recent news clips to exemplify this. And he asked the controversial question – is it time to ditch the phones? Since everyone has whatsapp, facetime and the like in their pockets – why not use them?

Ken talked about Alexa – and it’s transformative impact on our lives. He suggested that we need to ‘repurpose our content for these new platforms.’ He used NPR as an example of a station which has altered to play news on Alexa. He also discussed drones and how we can tie into them. Can we use them to deliver concert tickets to winners? Or drop tickets in a place for listeners to gather? Can we use apps to pay winners the cash they’ve won? Or do we use Uber to deliver the prizes?

Mike gave us even more ideas. He said that we should grow new talent off the air – in podcasting. They can develop shows and learn skills in a niche market and follow their own ideas. He also suggested that we put talent at risk… make fun out of them, make them seem real and create funny content too. He closed by telling us to ‘kill your number one listener’ – and put effort in off air, so it sounds great on air.

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