From France Info to franceinfo – an iconic radio channel becomes a global media


Since 2014 franceinfo has undergone a huge change, completely reinventing its global media strategy – moving towards making live, hot news their priority. This has coincided with a big project to go from a national radio station to offering news across TV, radio and online. Until recently it was France Info, but it seems by slightly shortening their name and font-size, they’ve become a much bigger broadcaster.

Nathalie Birocheau outlines that in France there were two public separate broadcasting outlets – francetelevision and Radio France. It became necessary to merge the two – this aids synergy, cooperation, and in a fast-moving, constantly-evolving broadcast landscape, it was vital to pool both radio and TV resources.

Birocheau maintains that the reason for the success of the project was that it was done with ‘an editorial strategy in mind’, and not for commercial-reasons. This allowed them to figure out the best way to change from France Info to franceinfo, by keeping content and the public’s desire for reliable news at the forefront of their mind.

This editorial concept was to create a unique digital platform, designed for mobility. By hiring 30 new journalists, building new studios, and pushing themselves to break stories with high standards of content, they’ve made franceinfo a global broadcasting brand.

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