Bookstore Ler Devagar: genuine and unique beyond the shelves.


Ler Devagar – named ‘the coolest bookstore in Lisbon’ and referred to as one of ’10 Most Beautiful Bookshops in the World’ by the American magazine Flavorwire, definitely deserves to be visited and admired. 

Originally, Ler Devagar was opened in Bairro Alto – a ‘strategic place to be’, said one of its founders, João Seixas, as they wanted the bookshop to be a centre of cultural debate. Over its 22 years of existence, Ler Devagar has already occupied five locations. Its nomad-like history is actually a picture image of what the perfect fit for an out of the box idea looks like. Some of them were too small, and others too contrasting with what the owners had dreamed of.

Ler Devagar never stopped trying to be a cultural centre where people could have access to books from all over the world, and in which the experience didn’t stop at the pages. LX Factory was the perfect match, as it allowed the dream of having books from the ground to the ceilings – and very high ones – to become reality. The space combines literature with other forms of art, as it is also an art gallery and stage for music, theatre, debates, dance, conferences and so on. 

The store’s layout invites creativity, with Pietro Proserpio’s permanent exposition of the toys with movement, bringing to the space a creativity so innocent and genuine that it takes you back to your childhood days. There’s also plenty of seating space and a coffee shop, so the visit doesn’t have to be rushed. Do allow some time to take in the different experiences this out of this world bookstore can give you.

Written by Michelle Coelho

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