COODIO: Caring about people, not just products

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In Track 4 a presentation about COODIO took place. COODIO is a French platform that tries to unite people in the radio scene to share their experiences in order to grow together and improve the audio experience. More than 100 members have joined since they started the project, including people from Germany, Sweden and other countries.

This friendly conversation between colleagues who share a love of radio has highlighted important issues, such as the importance of caring about the people and not just about the products, the value of promoting diversity and gender equality, as well as the significance of innovating the trans audio network. Coodio is identified by the industry with a very diverse background and a space to collaborate and that’s how success is born.

As Vincent Benveniste (DAVID Systems) shared: “We unite to grow audiences, reach more people to consume audio. That’s what Coodio is looking for.”

Written by Beatriz Figueira and Francisco Sezinando

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