Radio revenue: making money by creating stories

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Digital audio spots are more than just spots. Gavin Deans and Natalie Dooley from Media Central, Irish radio network, showed how their collaborative approach to advertising have innovated and made them “a one-stop shop”. 

Deans explains that the DNA of their radio network is made of different components, such as music, lifestyle, entertainment and sports. As Dooley added, “Ireland is a nation of storytellers”, and also of radio, with 3.1 million daily listeners. To make audio spots stand out, they have to combine those two factors and go beyond taglines. 

Embraced by their personality, that being the presenters, all of those topics become stories. “You have to trust the presenters that they are capable of delivering the message”, stated Dooley.

Also in the panel, Joris Van der Pol (Managing Director of Talpa Network) explains that 40% of the media consumption in Netherlands is audio, but only 5% of media spend is audio. 

The speakers left the audience with three points to consider to solve radio’s marketing problem: logical (customers need it for its effectivity); new (to be innovative and interesting); desire (make creative content). 

Written by Gonçalo Borbinha and Michelle Coelho.


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