10 things great leaders do to motivate talent


Leading talent coach Steve Reynolds discussed ten simple things that leaders can do to motivate talent within their business. Defining leaders, Steve suggested that the term encompassed more than just managers and executives but that anyone working in a team could use these ten points to create a better working environment, which in turn will benefit your radio station.

Firstly, embracing vulnerability is important. Trust is a product of vulnerability over time and this increases the more you reveal about yourself to others. ‘You must request an invitation into other people’s lives, finding out what they like and dislike, their hopes and fears’.

Steve encouraged the audience to not fear discomfort. The only way to have a positive relationship with anyone, he argued, is if you are able to challenge one another. You’ve got to play an active part in developing your relationship by showing up, and by not making it one-sided. ‘Ask them a f*****g question’ is a mantra that particularly gripped the audience’s attention.

Steve suggested that your team will care about your mission when you care about them. You’ve got to show people around you that you are interested in their lives. This creates a positive culture and will mean that the person is encouraged to work for you, when they might not choose to otherwise. Rewarding the behaviour you want to see is another way to create an atmosphere where team members are performing at their very best. The obvious option would be to offer more money, however Steve doesn’t recommend this as a few months down the line, new problems can arise and this would be seen as the solution again. Instead, offer praise and build a brand around that person so that they feel valued and respected.

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