The Future of Sound


Cornelius Ringe, Managing Partner at WeSound and Sebastian Fuchs, Voice Director at WeSound discussed the radio landscape in 2019.

They talked about the dangers of digital disruption, as well as the opportunities, such as allowing listeners to listen on the go, and therefore more frequently. Sebastian proved his talent as a voice actor and beatboxer to run through a history of sounds across the decades.

They highlighted the creative potential in this disruption, as it forces radio producers to change, adapt and design a new audio world. 

They discussed what this audio future might sound like and focussed particularly on more intelligent ways of presenting Ts&Cs, sound design toolboxes over jingle packages and the creation of brands via audio.  

They said that “we need a stronger brand sound” and advocated “acoustic USPs” – a bespoke sound per station or per brand, rather than something that sounds similar to other stations or brands. And they suggested that the concept of simplicity can be useful in making audio sound modern. 


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