The Green Route to Radiodays Europe 2020

The Green Route to Radiodays Europe 2020

Radiodays Europe are more focused on reducing emissions and promoting sustainability than ever before. Did you know that travelling increases your carbon footprint as tourism accounts for 8% of greenhouse gas emissions?

If you are looking for a greener route to Lisbon, we have done some research for you. Here you can find a low emission route from your closest city. Keep in mind; you might need a few extra days, hiking boots or even your bike.


Take the fast train from London to Portsmouth and jump on a Brittany Ferry to Santander.

You have two green options from Santander. Ride your bike from Santander to Madrid (just 433km), then take the fast train from Madrid to Lisbon. If you would prefer the direct route, you can take a train from Santander to Lisbon – its only 16 hours.


Ride your bike 538km to Paris, or jump on the fast train if you’re short on time. Refer to Paris section for further instructions.


Tour de France style. Cycle your way from Paris to Madrid – just 1200km. Then rest your legs before the conference on the fast train from Madrid to Lisbon.
​Alternatively, you can take a direct bus to Lisbon from Paris and be there in less than 24 hours.


For a direct trip, take a 40 hour bus all the way to Lisbon. If you would rather break up the journey, you can take the train to Paris and ‘Tour De France’ your way by cycling to Lisbon. Alternatively, take the train to Genoa, Italy and get the ferry. See Vienna for your next steps.


Take the bus to Paris followed by a train to San Sebastian. From here, you have many options. You can start your 913km hike, or you can get the train to Seville and walk to Lisbon from there.

From: OSLO

From Oslo, we recommend riding your bike to Copenhagen. You need 36 hours and 636km worth of energy. From here, you can refer to Copenhagen for more options.


Your options are endless. You can get the train or overnight bus to Paris, Berlin or even as ar as Madrid. From these cities, you can hike or ride your bike. Make sure you allow a few days for this trip. If you’re short on time, a fast train will work too.


Take the train to Genoa, Italy. From Genoa you can take the Grandi Navi Veloci ferry service to Barcelona. From there, we recommend jumping on a train to Lisbon.
Your super green option is to ride your bike to Lisbon from Barcelona – just make sure you leave a week or so before the convention, you’ll need 244 hours to ride the 1,195km.

As you can see, low emission travel requires both time and energy. While our suggested routes are a bit facetious, we hope that in the spirit of sustainability, you can find your greenest route to Radiodays Europe 2020 in Lisbon.  

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