How can you make money from podcasting?


Rob Greenlee runs content and partnerships at Libsyn. He spoke first,

focussing on the importance of good ads in podcasting. Your ads must

be aligned to the broader message of the podcast, and must be more

focused on the audience than the advertiser. If they are done well,

they can contribute to the building of trust in the brand and the



Rob talked in detail about paid premium podcasts. Bonus content and

premium content has become an important part of the market, with

annual and monthly paid subscriptions growing, albeit from a small



“It’s been a slow process but we need to be patient”.


Conversely, sponsorships and crowdsourcing have been an important part

of the market for several years. They are compatible with the

host-read and endorsement model which has worked well for podcasters.

But what will happen with crowdsourcing in the future? Content makers

need to keep innovating in order for the money to keep coming in.


After Rob, Daniella Murphy, from Acast, spoke. She focussed on

production and creative: How can podcasters make advertising and

branded content that people actually want to listen to? How can we

make art instead of adverts?


Daniella showed the group a selection of great ads, which had

successfully engaged audiences. Some of them were beautiful and

poignant, others were hilarious and robust.


Daniella also had some tips for content makers… Respect the

audience, be believable and make sure you embrace emotion. You can

engage audiences with advertising and branded content, you just need

to be creative.

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