Method to madness: How to structure the development process

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On the very first day of Radiodays Europe, Norwegian Journalist Ole Hedemann,  presents “Method to madness: How to structure the development process” Masterclass, at Radiodays Europe.


Ole Hedemann at Radiodays Europe // Fábio Pires 

With a vast resumé on content development and over 28 years of working at NRK, Ole Hedemann guides the masterclass attendees through the journey of constructing ideas and how to make them work in real media businesses.

   “On demand has pretty much killed the need for? Average” – Ole Hedemann

Based on the NABC approach ( Needs, Approach, Benefit, Competition), Ole Hedemann presents us with a lesson on how to develop content, how to adapt to media changes and how to maximize the use of focus groups so that your target audience feels “spoken too”. 

The focus throughout this masterclass: Teenagers. 

Based on the extended work elaborated beforehand the creation of shows such as SKAM, a show made for, by and inspired by those same teenagers. 

The mission is: to relate to teenagers as well as inspiring them. 

But, how do development teams do this? 

Ole Hedemann lists 3 pre-requisites to accomplish effective content: 

– Passion;

– Knowhow; 

– Quality.

   “Identifying needs in the target group and approaching the needs with ideas” – Ole Hedemann


Ole Hedemann at Radiodays Europe // Fábio Pires 

But storytelling is about more than ideas, it’s about feelings. A show has the power to change an audience, to drive them towards a new path. 

People see it everyday, on quotes from shows, on reaction videos made by audiences, tears of joy and waves of anger. 


That’s the final key for developing success:

“You need to love your audience… they need the vibrant souls”  – Ole Hedemann


Written by: Andreia Simão and Francisco Sezinando  


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