The new generation of listeners


Patrick focuses on young people age 12-24. He shows the results from a very recent BBC youth and media needs project – an ethnographic study that aims to get underneath the statistics of youth media usage in the UK. Listening to live radio is diminishing in young people.



‘You can’t think: “if you build it they will come”’, says Patrick. ‘The key thing is to think: why would they come to us? Not: why don’t they come to us? And think: what are their needs and how can we serve them better?’



Tina Skov Gretlund and Lene Heiselberg, audience researchers for DR in Denmark say that young people in nordic countries have over six hours screen time everyday. They say social media is really important and that Snapchat is growing apace.


YouTube and Facebook have rapidly become the dominant brands for 13-29-year olds. They love their music, but radio is coming increasingly under pressure from these brands. Competition is both fierce, and global.


This hot topic made for a really popular and enlightening session!


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