The Swedish algorithm: “We want to create new experiences for our listeners”

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Olle Zachrison, Head of Digital News Strategy and Deputy News Commission of Swedish radio, SR, showed a new way of exploring radio options. Sverige Radio is seen as the best and most reliable source of news in Sweden: “We want to create a new experience for our listeners”.

They focus mostly on guaranteeing the best audio possible –  always trying to find the best clip that they can build: “We treat every clip as a Spotify song”.

Data shows that Sverige Radio is enjoying a huge growth in listeners in the last three years: “Our goal in building this system is to be more trustworthy.”

This system consists of an algorithm that categorises and labels all of the news available on the website. After labeling, it organizes the news according to relevance and location, which allows the possibility of a more personalized news service, in which the reader can look up relevant and useful news. 

Written by: Gonçalo Borbinha and Artyom Laptev

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