Podcast Recommendations: Science Fiction

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This week’s podcast theme is Sci-Fi and we have some shows that you should definitely be listening to if you are a fan of science fiction and the like. So strap yourselves in and have a listen to these.
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Within the Wires
Stories told through found audio from an alternate universe. Season four, “The Cradle” is a story about a mother and daughter as they attempt to lead a family-centric commune surviving on the fringes of society. 

When an experiment in a time much like our own goes horribly awry, Dr. Sally Grissom finds herself stranded in the past and entrenched in the activities of a clandestine branch of the US government. Grissom and her team quickly learn that there’s no safety net when toying with the fundamental logic of the universe.

A World Where
Tales of tomorrow… assuming there is one.  
Publishers Note: A World Where contains strong language, graphic violence, and explicit content which may be triggering for some listeners. Specific content warnings for each episode are available in the show notes.

The Truth
The Truth is a curated network of extraordinary, cutting-edge shows and a proud member of Radiotopia, from PRX.

Ten years ago, over three hundred men, women and children disappeared from a small town in Tennessee, never to be heard from again. American Public Radio reporter Lia Haddock asks the question once more, “What happened to the people of Limetown?”

A thriller from Gimlet Media, starring Catherine Keener, Oscar Isaac, and David Schwimmer.

WOLF 359
WOLF 359 is a radio drama in the tradition of Golden Age of Radio shows. Set on board the U.S.S. Hephaestus space station, the dysfunctional crew deals with daily life-or-death emergencies, while searching for signs of alien life and discovering there might be more to their mission than they thought. 
Tune into your home away from home… seven and a half light years away from Earth…  


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