Procópio: Hidden treasure


Procópio will be 50 years old next May and the current owner of the establishment, Maria João Pinto-Coelho, guarantees that it is an enormous responsibility to maintain the tradition: “It’s a permanent effort, a space like this is always in need of maintenance and we always have to look for solutions that don’t clash with the original decor. If we do, we damage this image of success.”

Maria sees advantages in this preservation strategy, which also attracts the youngest: “Staying true to the origins is what made this bar a winner for 50 years, it continues to be trendy, it continues to be discovered by the youngsters on a daily basis”

Procópio’s Bar // ANDREIA SIMÃO

Procópio is a bar that brings together several influences. After having opened the pop art bar called “A outra face da lua (The other side of the moon)” – Luís Pinto-Coelho (Maria’s father) – took numerous trips to Paris. It is from the French capital that he took the inspiration to inaugurate the iconic Procópio, a bar that in 1972 brought a completely new style to the city of Lisbon.

The bar is known for its sophisticated and unique atmosphere, but it is still a place with a sense of humour: “It is a space for leisure and also for intellectuals. Intellectuals are also known for having a sense of humour; it’s a reflection of intelligence. There is openness to all styles”, concludes Maria.


Detail’s from the lounge // ANDREIA SIMÃO 


The x factor of the bar

Maria João Pinto-Coelho confidently says that what makes Procópio different from another bar in Lisbon is the beauty and lighting: “Nowadays the spaces are very poorly lit, almost all of them do not enhance the beauty of the interior design: the light does not hurt the eyes, there are no ceiling lights, on interferes with relaxation”.

 Procópio’s customers feel very comfortable; everything is designed in order to make the customer feel good.

Written by Gonçalo Borbinha

Reporters: Andreia Simão and Gonçalo Borbinha


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