Profile: What’s the Dutch for Dance Music?


(Image Source: Reproduced from Tiesto Podcasts)

Born in Breda, Holland, Tijs Michiel Verwest (as he is otherwise known) is one of the most famous and successful DJs (that is a DJ-who-produces-electronic-dance-music-in-super-clubs-around-the-world not DJ-who-talks-between-songs-on-the-radio) in electronic dance music (or “EDM”) ever. He writes and performs around the world dipping into a
multitude of genres: trance, house, electro and beyond!

Sound good?

You might have heard one of his songs? The Grammy Award winning DJ has had hits all over the world, including the UK, Germany and Scandinavia. “Adagio for Stings”, “Feel It in My Bones” and “Dance4Life” are just a few of his biggest hits!

Surely you recognise the name now, “Tiesto”?

Hmmm, maybe you’ve seen him pick up one of the many awards he’s won? Tiesto was voted World Number 1 DJ by DJ Magazine in its annual Top 100 DJs readership poll consecutively for three years between 2002 and 2004. Three years, something that hasn’t been done before or since.

OK, maybe you don’t read too many music magazines! Well you’ve probably spotted Tiesto performing live at the 2004 Summer Olympics opening ceremony in Athens. He was the first DJ to do so, performing to billions around the
world on TV.

No, still don’t know who he is?

Well, I tell you what, even if you didn’t know all the musical background about Tiesto, you might have heard that he has his own radio show in Holland!

“Tiësto’s Club Life” is the name of his weekly show, currently broadcast on Radio 538. It’s been going for 9 years, and previously it’s been broadcast on Dutch station 3FM, as well as Sirius and Electric AREA, an XM satellite radio channel in America.

It’s a pretty great programme too, featuring dance hits specially chosen by Tiesto from around the world. Tiesto is a good presenter bringing the music to life with enthusiasm and fascinating backstories.

And it’s great for Radio 538. In fact, it’s a lesson many stations around the world have long been aware of, starting with possibly the super star DJs including Pete Tong. Grow your reach and engage audiences by bringing music talent to air. Musicians, well-known journalists, TV personalities. That way your audience knows who the station’s presenters are. The station provides new insights into the musicians personality. And the music is targeted and usually great.

It seems to be a fruitful tactic for many stations in the UK, Australia and elsewhere in around the world.

For more about the Dutch radio market watch this space…or join Radiodays Europe in Amsterdam in 2017!!!

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