Radio X Y: Building an emotive radio brand


Historically, Australia’s Triple M has been known for making ‘manly’ and ‘blokey’ radio. In this session, Head of Content, Mike Fitzpatrick, discussed some of the changes that the station has made in recent years to address the international shift in masculinity and the rise of the ‘new man’.

Ten years ago, Triple M ran a highly-successful advertising campaign which pitched the radio station as being for the ‘manliest man’. However, masculinity is not the same today as it was a decade ago. Through research, the station identified that their audience could be roughly grouped into three types of man. Firstly, there is the ‘steadfast’ man – they have traditional values, they are aware of a change, but they are scared of doing so. The second group is ‘discover’ – men who are open-minded, self-aware, resilient and consciously adjusting to the changing masculinity. Finally, there is the ‘embrace’ tranche. For these men, gender doesn’t matter, they recognise masculinity has evolved and identity as an individual instead.

As the ‘Triple M man’ is evolving so too is the brand. The station has developed community partnerships with male depression and suicide prevention charities. They have focused on sports such as F1 and women’s football rather than UFC, and they have searched for on air talent that matches this position. Triple M is a brand that’s always worn its heart on its sleeve, they’ve just had to change the way they do that.

Using Triple M as a case study, the session was an important reminder about how stations can create a strong, emotional connection with their audiences by better understanding their needs.

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