RDE Archive: Jo Stanley

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This week we go back to an interviw with Jo Stanley discussing personal branding and content. In her session at the 2018 conference, she took us through a series of exercises to delve into personal branding, to help people stand out and build resilience. She quoted “your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room” – and claimed that we can control this.



Stanley said that at one point in her career, she was told that her personal brand was a “pretty, witty, fashionista” – and she had an “aha”’ moment that she had never actually defined her personal brand. And so, others had defined it for her.

Jo Stanley gave the delegates at Radiodays Europe the tools to help with this. She suggested value exercises as a good starting point – defining what you like and what you don’t like. And then she advocated that we shout loudly about it.

And she told the audience to focus on their story. To do that, she suggested that you interview yourself. You might ask the questions about “An exciting moment in your life”, “Your favourite person and why” or “The time when you were most broke.”

Stanley stated that the next stage is asking yourself what impact you want to have – and what is your purpose? She said that this can inform everything you do, from your opinions to your reactions. Stanley concluded “personal branding is how you set yourself apart – it will be your roadmap and your inspiration.”

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