Sunday Night Welcome Event at the Haus der Musik, Vienna


This year we are welcoming people on the Sunday Evening of Radiodays Europe Vienna to the Haus der Musik. Since it’s opening in 2000, this fantastic venue has welcomed 3 million visitors to an interactive museum which provides visitors with a fun and informative sound experience. The museum is housed in the former Palais of the Archduke Charles and was also the home of Otto Nicolai who composed the opera ‘The Merry Wives of Windsor’. He also founded the Vienna Philharmonic concerts and on the first floor of the museum you can see a room preserved from his residence (1810-1849) which also contains documents from the Vienna Philharmonic to now. 

The five floors of the museum ‘seek to reflect Vienna‘s pioneering character in terms of music by offering our visitors inventive and novel approaches deliberately distinct from classical music education. Besides historical aspects we put a particular emphasis on the interplay of natural and electronic sound production and the relationship between analogue and digital. We seek to build bridges between tradition and innovation. Thus the aesthetic and artistic translation of musicological content finds its expression in the architectural combination of a historical building structure with high-tech elements. Haus der Musik is a place of lively debate where ever new approaches to music arise and are immediately put to the test’.

Radiodays Europe is pleased to announce this historic but forward thinking museum as our first introduction to Vienna and it’s musical traditions. The Sunday night Weclome is hosted partners: Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) and The Association of Austrian Commercial Broadcasters (VÖP) and is co-hosted by Xperi. More details of the evening will be released shortly including arrival times, how to get there and what to expect when you arrive! 

For more information on the Haus der Musik please visit their website:



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