RDE Speaker Profile: Sibyle Veil Chief Executive Officer of Radio France


On Wikidata next to the name Sibyle Veil Chief Executive Officer of Radio France it says ‘Media Legend’. A title maybe slightly over the top but when you look at the number of senior female CEOs in the media industry in many ways this is true.

Sibyle Veil has had a career that has seen her rise through the ranks of some tough organisations for a man or woman. “She worked at the State Council from 2004 to 2007, before being appointed to the President of the French Republic’s cabinet. She was advisor in charge of Labour, Housing, Social Relations, Solidarity, and also Healthcare issues. In 2010, Sibyle Veil joined the Executive Committee of Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris (APHP)”.

These roles have prepared her well for the one she holds now which is to basically steady the ship of Radio France, supporting the different Directorates while overseeing ‘the transformation of the group’7 radio channels into a global media outlet’. This is all while ensuring a continued dialogue between the management and the 1,000 employees and ‘piloting’ the rehabilitation of Radio France’s radio house a beautiful building sitting on the banks of the Seine in Paris.

At the recent Medias en Seine event she discussed along with other members of the panel; The three characteristic values of public service in digital time? Transparency, universality and independence according to @DelphineErnotte President @Francetele and @SibyleVeil CEO of @radiofrance – https://twitter.com/MediasEnSeine

Here she captures the spirit of radio something which she will be brining to Radiodays Europe Lausanne 2019 as one of this year’s speakers.

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Watch Sibyle Veil’s interview from Medias en Seine by Les Echos here (FRENCH):


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