Speaker Profile: Thomas Kabke-Sommer, CEO, CROSSPLAN


Thomas Kabke-Sommer is dynamic, his motto is “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” Francis of Assisi, and he lives by it.

His management experience is huge in some of the leading German media companies and agencies – RTL Group, OVK, Thomson Media Group & Unique Digital. From February 2018 however he has been the MD of Crossplan Deutschland which focuses on Digital campaign management, Digital Audience Building and Content Driven Audio.

Like many companies today Crossplan has a podcast, we asked him some questions about why he started their podcast:

Why did you start the Podcast? Crossplan sees itself as a digital audio game changer. In this case we wanted to creat exciting content regarding digital transformation, voice assistants and more.In the end it is a question of creating infotainment for our stakeholders.

How do you choose your guests? A large portion comes from our own network. We always make absolutely sure that our guests feel welcome and that they are expected to contribute to the talk.

What is the most difficult part of producing this podcast? In my point of view as a host it is crutial to have a feeling for interview length. Sometimes the shorter the better.

How do you measure the success of your podcast? We measure number of hearings and qualitative feedback.

Have you monetised your podcast and how did you do this? Our podcast ist focused on a b-to-b target group. We use the podcast distribution for Crossplan Deutschland as a marketing tool only.

Which podcasts are you listening to right now? I am addicted to OMR Podcast Channel by Philipp Westermeyer 

You can listen to the CROSSPLAN podcast at apple or google, deezer or spotify (in German).

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