Barbora Šichanová

Editor In Chief of Czech Radio

Editor In Chief of Czech Radio - Radio Wave, station oriented primarily towards young audience, where she is mainly in charge of managing team of co-workers and contributors, developing content strategies and dramaturgy, coordinating development and production of particular podcast series and projects. Previously she held a position of Head of Programme, Editor and Host. Barbora has strong expertise in dramaturgy of radio formats and podcasts, she also hosted podcast about intimacy and relationships. Apart from work for radio she cooperates with non-profit platforms as a host of various debates.

All Sessions by Barbora Šichanová

09:05 - 09:45
Track 1

Welcome to my feed – Meet 3 young media users

Young people consume a lot of news, but are less concerned with who produced them, and the source from which they came. Also, their understanding of what is important is very different to that of an older media user. To this segment, social media plays an essential role in the daily news update. Not surprisingly, traditional media struggles to engage young audiences with news content. To learn more about this, we have invited 3 young Czechs on stage to tell us what type of news they prefer in their feed, and how. Or more precisely, how can we learn to engage the younger audiences in our news content?

12:30 - 16:30
Track 3

Youth Summit

Everything you & your station, podcast, audio product need to know about Young Audiences! Everything about young audiences, content for younger listeners and much more! Join this great Summit on Sunday to hear session on: A- Z of TIK TOK, Change or Die, Researching Youth Audiences, News for the next generation and Swipe Right – Ideas to fire your imagination!