Sales Summit
Sunday 17th March 2024

Everything about sales, sales houses and much more!

Join the Sales Summit at Radiodays Europe!

Sales Summit – Sunday:  12.00 – 16.00 @Radidoays Europe Munich 2024


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Why join the Sales Summit

Join us for the very first Radiodays Sales Summit this year! In this four hour summit we will explore the other side of radio, focus on the do’s and don’ts in your campaigns, analyse the effectiveness radio as an advertising medium, bring you new ideas and best case studies from across Europe and discuss how AI has changed the game. The goal of the Sales Summit is to provide up to date tools and tips on how to optimise an audio campaign and how you can work smarter to increase the revenue of your radio or audio business. Expect to hear from experts from radio and audio agencies and sales houses from across the EU who will all confirm that audio is booming in this decad

12:00-13:45 : Inspirational Speakers

Radio’s Value in 2030 – Perspectives for owners, managers and buyers

Discussion on the future strengths of radio, how to reach people in relevant situations and across different platforms and give advertisers a clear perspective on the effectiveness of advertising. The session will also show how artificial intelligence will support radio’s strong role in the media mix, helping to deliver new insights and a direct access to listeners.

Christian Schalt, Chief Digital Officer RTL Radio Deutschland 

From Sound to Brand – Proving the Emotional Power of Radio in Shaping Brands

Presented by Jan Isenbart, Chief Research Officer, ARD MEDIA GmbH, a joint study of the two German radio sales houses, ARD MEDIA and RMS. Together with the trade body, Radiozentrale, and research company September, they devised an experiment with three different radio spots for a fictional new chocolate bar. Come listen to how this experiment turned out and what it means for the emotional power of radio and the importance of creative audio elements in shaping brand perception.

Jan Isenbart, Chief Research Officer, ARD MEDIA GmbH 

Generation Audio

Listen as Mark Barber presents Radiocentre’s UK recent audience-led research study, which has provided advertisers and media planners with an even-handed overview of the drivers behind continued growth in the audio landscape (for both listeners and advertisers), hear the reasons people listen to audio entertainment and leave this session with an understanding of the opportunities these present from an advertising perspective.

Mark Barber, Radiocentre

13.45-14:00 : Break

14.00-15.00 : Speakers/ Best practices – interesting case studies

Supercharge your Ad Sales with AI

From self service creative to self service ad buying and sales chatbots with domain specific data, this session with Raoul Wedel will give insights and real life examples on how AI is transforming the sales process.

How to successfully advertise in podcasting

The Podcast Industry has faced many changes over the last 3 years. So has advertising in Podcasts. In this session Tina Jurgen will give you an overview about the status quo of the technical infrastructure, the different types of ad-formats and best practices how to best use this valuable media genre for advertising.

Bringing more transparency to Programme Advertising

Programmatic advertising’s staying power is clear – it’s opening the door to reaching targeted audiences more directly and faster. However, that also means reporting and transparency are key to its continued success. Buyers need increased insight into how programmatic is performing, what needs to be improved, and what isn’t working. This session with Nathan Venezia will dive into how the industry can bring more transparency to programmatic.

Jobbox – the smart way to combine employer branding and image management

In this session we will explore the Mainewelle Jobbox concept. Started 5 years ago as a simple online extension of radio commercials, it was expanded to include PR elements and video content with a complete and the addition of four more radio stations in 2023. In the presentation, Bernd Rasser will show examples of successful campaigns and explain the most important cross-media components of the concept.

Raoul Wedel, Tina Jurgen, Nathan Venezia, Bernd Rasser

15.00-15.15 : Break

15.15-16.00 : Ask the Experts – Q&A through Menti for panel of experts

Buyers: It’s Not About Us; It’s About THEM!

There are two worlds in any sales interaction. What are they and which one is more important? How do we access that world? We will discuss transactional versus relational selling, and which will be more successful in2024. We will discover the 12 most important questions to ask our prospects to uncover their needs and goals. The answers we get to these questions during the customer needs analysis meeting will lead to larger, longer-term agreements and will increase our closing ratio.

Leadership in Radio Sales: From Street fighter to Boss

We explore the multi-faceted world of leadership in radio sales and highlight the key findings from the perspective of both media consultants and managers. What dynamic demands are placed on media sales managers to be successful in today’s world? What support and measures are needed from sales management and company management? How can we break down silo thinking and go beyond conventional approaches to create effective sales strategies and tactics? What challenges and opportunities arise in the area of conflict between stability and change? And what role does situation framing play in creating a fundamental opportunity-oriented mindset? Welcome to exchange perspectives, share experiences and lets fill the toolbox with success factors for radio sales.

Vanessa Baur, Head of Sales, Radio und MediaSolutions

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We look forward to seeing you in Munich!

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Date: Sunday 17th March 2024

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