Eirik Kroken

News Editor, NRK News, Norway

Eirik Kroken is head of the editorial team focusing on a younger audience at NRK News. He has worked as a visual journalist presenting news for a younger audience on different platforms such as TV, radio, web and social media. Before joining NRK, Eirik worked in the largest newspaper in Norway, VG, specializing in reporting news on Snapchat Discover.

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16:05 - 16:45
Track 2

Engaging the next generation: Strategies for combating news fatigue and connecting with young audiences

How do you engage young people with your news content? News fatigue is a well-documented phenomenon and pose a threat to democracy. Young people across the globe have different ways of making sense of the world around them than what the news output of traditional media provides. In this session you will hear from two different organizations and learn how they have approached the challenge of being relevant to a young audience; -Zetland is an online magazine with as much 1/3 of its paying subscribers under the age of 30. The use of audio is one of their biggest success drivers. NRK has taken a step closer to understanding and engaging the younger audiences with their newly appointed constructive editor and the creation of NRK Young News. Come find out more!