Francis Currie

International Audio Consultant and a partner in specialist radio research company, Currie Nordén, UK

Francis Currie is an International Audio Consultant and a partner in specialist radio research company, Currie Francis Consulting. He helps radio & audio businesses grow audiences by providing strategic insight and operational support. He works across Research, Content, Digital and Marketing. Francis was named ‘one of the radio industry’s best consultants’ in a poll by US industry magazine Radio Ink. He has worked successfully with a wide variety of formats in over 15 countries. Prior to becoming a consultant Francis was one of the most successful senior programmers in the UK: - At Wireless (part of News Corps) he led the recruitment of Chris Evans to Virgin Radio. The audience tripled in 10 weeks. He also drove audience growth across the Wireless portfolio of 33 radio stations across the UK and the Republic of Ireland. - He led Heart in London to #1 for the first time as Programme Director. Later he masterminded the success of the Heart brand as a network. - As Music Director for Emap Performance he drove the content strategy across radio, tv, magazines, websites, music retail and concerts. - As joint Managing Director and Programme Director of Emap Television he led The Box to #1 Music Channel, beating MTV & VH-1. - He was also Launch Programme Director of Magic in London, proving it is possible to rebrand a radio station, save costs and grow audience at the same time.

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11:10 - 11:50
Track 4

How music research can make your station better

Research plays such an important role in helping music radio stations refine their product and keep them competitive. From Strategic Studies and Callout right the way through to Format Testing and Music testing software. There are many different research tools a radio programmer can use. But what are the most effective and how do you know where and how to invest your research budget? In this session, our crack team of research experts will guide you through the maze of radio research options, share some best practise, and help you understand how research can grow your audience.

17:00 - 17:40
Track 1

Attracting new audiences in new ways

The audio space is hot with more radio stations, podcasts, streams, and audio products than ever before. So, how is Europe’s largest radio company planning to recruit and retain listeners in the face of improving and increasing competition? In this exclusive session, Francis Currie talks to Tony Moorey and Anna Rastner from Bauer Media Audio about their most successful strategies and tactics for grabbing the listeners’ attention and winning their hearts & minds.