Grace Zakka

Senior Project Manager, European Broadcasting Union

Grace Zakka is a senior project manager at the European Broadcasting Union with a passion for platforms – specifically public broadcasters’ own platforms; 3rd party platforms (aka big tech); and how those worlds collide. Lebanese based in Geneva; a metaverse explorer, novice gamer, and an ex-ad woman.

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17:00 - 17:40
Track 3

Radio and digital platforms: A new era is coming

2023 opens a new era in the relationship between radio stations and third-party platforms. After years of observing each other and finding ways to work together, everyone is now asserting firmer positions. While some platforms seek to look more and more like radio, the broadcasting industry is beginning to free itself from certain third party players to cultivate its specificity and preserve its relationship with listeners. The European Broadcasting Union has a lot of insights and knowledge to share, and two public broadcasters will present their strategies when it comes to mastering their dance routines with very enticing platforms.