Hedvig Nilsson

News Editor, Sveriges Radio, Sweden

Hedvig Nilsson is a news editor at P4 Värmland, one of 26 local radio stations of the Swedish public broadcaster Sveriges Radio. She has been working as a journalist since 1995, both locally and nationally, and the past 14 years she has been working with radio, as a show host, a reporter as well as an editor. Alongside her work as a supervisor in local news journalism, she makes radio documentaries for a national audience. One of her stories about how a Swedish university professor organized a commando mission to rescue her doctoral student from ISIS-controlled Iraq spread to international attention. Her latest documentary revealed that many young adults in Sweden seek to overturn neuropsychiatric diagnoses they were given as children.

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Local radio, national impact

Some of the smartest ideas in radio aren't coming from the big national stations. As news deserts in Europe get wider, radio's role becomes increasingly essential. Here we'll explore three cases of local and regional stations launching projects to better serve their audiences. And how each project then went on to success beyond its original territory to a national stage.