Kim Ohlsson

Development Producer, Swedish Radio

Kim Ohlsson is development producer at Swedish Radios new department for editorial development. Kim has been leading the reinvention of P3, working with SR:s 25 regional P4-channels in format change and been manager and producer for the leading radio show in Sweden, Ring så spelar vi. In all this cases he has been using knowledge from Radioanalyzer to improve. Kim has a background as a radio- and TV-presenter and producer. He has been working with regional and national shows, as a news reporter and been doing programs for kids.

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12:05 - 12:45
Track 4

Czech success stories

Presenting the best formats in the Czech Market

14:55 - 15:35
Track. 2

Why radio needs to be on Tiktok

What's so special with this fastest growing social media platform? And why should we as a radio business be there? We will show examples of both things that worked and things that failed. Dario Marčac is a leading Tiktoker from Croatia and Parastoo Saedi is a digital producer at Swedish Radio P3.

12:30 - 16:30
Track 4

Audiodata Summit

Everything you & your station, podcast, audio product need to know about Audio Data Data is the blood that runs through the veins of the internet. Yet, data so much more than the measuring of success – though it is that, too. As a radio station, podcast or audio company: What do you really need to know about data? How can you maximise the impact they have on listeners, branding, and revenue in a data-driven environment? What trends, innovations, new companies and best cases are there to be learned from? And where will the hottest AI developments like ChatCPT etc. lead us? Get inspired, get smarter, get going with lots of learnings and many an insight about the “new gold in media” – in this great Summit on Sunday to hear sessions on: We will rock you data, Everything around measurement, What’s data got to do with it – making excellent content with data, We built this city on data and rock ‘n’ roll – using data in audio work, Money for nothing, and data for free – enhancing monetisation through data.