Mario Cabanas

Targetspot by Azerion CEO

Mario Cabanas is the General Manager of Targetspot by Azerion; an Ad tech company connecting brands to their target audiences via an inventory of leading publishers across all areas of digital audio. Through its proprietary technologies, Targetspot provides end-to-end integration between advertisers and publishers for contextually targeted, cookie-free campaigns involving both direct and programmatic buying. Targetspot is also a leader in audio streaming, its Shoutcast brand enabling over 85,000 radio stations to be streamed online. Targetspot Is part of the Azerion platform.

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11:25 - 12:05
Track 4

Omnichannel Advertising will be the next big thing: why is Audio the big winner? Session hosted by Targetspot

Omnichannel advertising is in the mouth and ears of all advertisers and marketers in 2023. Today, advertisers execute marketing strategies in a fragmented media world. Advertisers are looking at omnichannel advertising as a solution to connect the dots and deliver their message in a consistent and effective manner. What is the place of Audio in the omnichannel advertising plan? How can Radio and Podcasters position their audiences at the heart of the omnichannel plan? We will address these questions during our session and share the plan to position Audio as the big winner in this new omnichannel era.