Marlies Hartendorf

Head of Content, Qmusic, The Netherlands

Over the last 18 years she has worked in broadcasting and media, building a career managing creative teams, and executing multi-platform content strategies. As an Executive Producer she co-created 2 successful breakfast shows (including the current number 1 breakfast show in The Netherlands, Mattie & Marieke) In her role as Head of Content she creates successful content through coaching, creativity, strategy and eye for detail. As a talent coach she works with personalities (talent) on and off air, and loves to create content that meets the needs of modern audiences. Specializing in creating multi-platform content, she believes that integrating content (radio and social media) is the future of radio.

All Sessions by Marlies Hartendorf

14:00 - 14:40
Track 4

Successful youth formats

Younger listeners are hard to engage, and across the globe radiostations and podcasters are trying to find the key to capturing their attention. In this session you will meet three cases who have all suceeded in doing so, one of them by locking up 4 DJs in a room, one with butchy girls’ talk, and one by sound designing a ground breaking music podcast. Come find out more!

12:30 - 16:30
Track 3

Youth Summit

Everything you & your station, podcast, audio product need to know about Young Audiences! Everything about young audiences, content for younger listeners and much more! Join this great Summit on Sunday to hear session on: A- Z of TIK TOK, Change or Die, Researching Youth Audiences, News for the next generation and Swipe Right – Ideas to fire your imagination!