Mike Fitzpatrick

Director, Mediafitz, Australia

Mike Fitzpatrick is the Director of Mediafitz, an audio and talent development company. He consults across radio & podcasting, including Audible, and manages some of Australia’s biggest and fastest growing podcasters. He was formerly Head of Content for Australia’s Triple M Network, and has presented at Radiodays in Dublin and Amsterdam.

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12:05 - 12:45
Track 2

Radio & Podcasting - the Cain & Abel of audio content

Radio and podcasting are intrinsically linked, so why are they so often against each other? Across his career as a successful programmer, Head of Content and now consultant to radio, podcast creators & digital audio companies, Mike has formed a unique point of view and the opportunity to highlight what radio & podcasting have to learn from each other, the mistakes to avoid when creating audio on demand, why & how radio and podcasting companies need to to reframe there views of each other and how radio can grow its revenues & audience by changing its approach to podcast content, simply and efficiently.